Foliage Mirror Collection by Vetrofuso and Serena Confalonieri, in Murano Glass


Vetrofuso Daniela Poletti presents a new collection designed by Serena Confalonieri, consisting of three wall mirrors.
The Foliage collection recalls the image of the façades of old buildings covered in a tangle of leaves, vines and flowers. The shape of the three mirrors echo the frames of their windows (round, arched and cross-shaped).
Queste ricche fronde, in vetro di Murano, caratterizzate da un mix di colori vivaci, sono realizzate con la tecnica della vetrofusione.
As you get closer, small brass animal figures, living and hiding inside these lush branches, will appear.
The collection will be presented at the Palermo Uno gallery, in an exclusive installation curated by gallery owner Sophie Wannenes.