At the Venice Biennale – Maripiero Palace

The dinner at the Malipiero Palace organized by the Chanel Culture Fund last April stood out for its magnificence and sophistication. Hosted by Yana Peel, Chanel’s global head of Arts and Culture, the event sparkled with Venetian elegance and opulence. The occasion provided an opportunity to honor artist Julien Creuzet, supported by the Fund for the upcoming 60th Venice Art Biennale, and to celebrate the 10 winners of the Chanel Next prize.

Every detail was meticulously taken care of: the elegant Murano glass plates, individually hand-painted and engraved with gold by artist Daniela Poletti, added a personalized and commemorative touch, turning each table into a unique work of art.

Proud to have contributed to the beautiful table at the event.

Special thanks to Carolina Guthmann.