In Saint Barth with Sugokuii Events, a birthday to remember


I am honored that Vetrofuso was chosen as one of the talented Italian artisans called to create this unique event in Saint Barth.

Plates, bowls, and salt cellars with the guest of honor’s initials, hand-painted in pure gold, personalized with island-themed brass decorations (palms, lizards, dragonflies). We loved their design and could not have been happier and proud to see these wonderful displays taking shape so perfectly.

This is how it came to be:

Just in the middle of the COVID pandemic (october 2021), we were contacted by Sugokuii (@Sugokuiievents), a leading company in the organization of luxury events, to commission some prototype of a full table set for a 90-people party.

The party would have lasted a whole week, every night with a different set-up and table dressing.

The first night, with a white and gold theme, would include our dishes, adorned of brass charms and handpainted with pure gold.

Table set, handpainted with pure gold. Vetrofuso, Handmade in Italy.

Murano Glass Table Set, Handmade in Italy, Vetrofuso di Daniela Poletti.


On the second night, a long table on the beach, decorated in a “Bohemian” style with shades of blue and turquoise would host hundreds of our “Corolla” bowls.

Vetrofuso, Murano Glass Handmade in Italy, marine elements for an evening event in Sainth Barth. Vetrofuso, Murano Glass Handmade in Italy, marine elements for an evening event in Sainth Barth.

The delivery deadline was near (end of november), and, due to our small size and limited production capacity, time was precious.
Every other order was suspended to fully dedicate ourselves, day and night and weekends, to this one job, but thanks to the hard work of my team, we could finally manage to finish on schedule.

While confident in our work, we crossed our fingers for more than a month, waiting for the outcome of the event. You can’t imagine our amazement when we finally saw the photos of the party! Absolutely beyond our expectations.

Thanks to:
Event Design: @Sugokuiievents
Photographer: @aarondelesie