“Donne Fiorite” – 8 Stories of 8 Women of Courage, Portraits in Murano Glass


Our Journey begins when I met Anna Vermiglia De Carlo again, after several years, during Covid lockdown through Instagram Anna’s atelier, covered in her paintings made over the years on wooden boards, immediately sparked the idea in me to replicate the faces of those women onto Murano glass and create the ‘Donne Fiorite’ collection, through a decalco technique I had developed myself. A real journey into distant lands, with exotic names Ashanti, Soraya, Flor to name but a few, but also an inner, intimate journey into the female world.

#DonneFiorite is a digital project through which we tell 8 stories of 8 women of courage, which we hope will resonate with yours and inspire a journey that we celebrate together every day.

The #DonneFiorite project was launched on instagram on the occasion of 8 March 2021.

These are the protagonists of our story


Portraits on Murano Glass, Carlotta for Donne Fiorite

Born in 1987 under the sign of Leo, Carlotta is pure energy. Curious and eager to learn, she worked for the first part of her career in the fashion world, before moving on to follow the Martini Group’s communication Italy. She fell in love with the world of agency, food and beverage and this experience allowed her to meet Chef Eugenio Boer, with whom she fell in love. He decided to join a project that now represents his and their lives: the [bu:r] restaurant on Via Mercalli in Milan.

Carlotta has always been passionate about food and finds in this place the ultimate realisation of her great passions: food and communication. She finds herself, with immense joy, running a hall and welcoming people who want to get to know the cuisine of the chef she works with, who is also her life partner. The challenges are countless and the road is long, but the path is the right one.

(VF) – Three adjectives that describe the woman you have become (

  1. CP) – Aware, grateful and tirelessly hungry for life



Donne Fiorite 8 stories of courage by 8 women. Portraits on Murano glass made in Italy

Italian origins, nomadic nature, American soul. A degree in Brand Management and a great passion for wellness, which she shares on her Instagram profile and on her blog melissazino.com: fitness and movement as a rule of life, healthy and balanced nutrition under the banner of the Intuitive Eating philosophy, skincare and body care as an act of self-love and fashion as a tool for personal expression.

(VF) – Three adjectives that describe the woman you have become.

(MZ) – Aware, through a lot of work outside and inside myself; independent, as a result of acquiring a good deal of freedom of action and thought; resilient, through understanding that only tenacity, determination, strength and the ability to transform and reinvent oneself can move forward in life towards the desired goal.



Carlotta Tonon, portrait on Murano glass by Daniela Poletti-Vetrofuso

Architect and journalist by training, Carlotta is founder of carlotta tonon relations, a carefully tended garden, that welcomes art and architecture, photography and design, jewellery and fashion.

(VF) – “Which season best represents your essence and why?”
(CT) – ‘I was born on 21 March, the first day of spring, a season that is renewal, sometimes even rebirth. Perhaps for this reason I tend to interpret life as a series of great beginnings, giving little weight to endings. Obviously I tell a good lie, when closed chapters are disappointments I remain afflicted, however, always, suddenly, a ‘natural’ determination emerges in me: I have learnt to translate it into a gesture of self-respect that I must make if my most intimate time slows me down. Spring is movement, improvisation; I hope I can transmit this same energy to others, to improve this step, which for me is a dance and dancing is beautiful, isn’t it?”

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Priya Baldazzi, Donne Fiorite collection, portraits on Murano glass. Murano glass by Daniela Poletti

“I was born in Vaythiri (India). My appearance, together with my first name, are the only things that continue to tell my story. An adopted daughter of an Italian family that taught me to earn with sweat and spend with effort, I have been in Italy since I began to utter my first words. Those thirteen unknown months preceding my arrival led me to ask myself many questions about my emotional baggage, even my studies at high school helped me understand how important the first years of a child’s life are as a foundation for his or her identity. When I arrived in Italy, I used to sing all the time, and after making the journey back to my origins, as an adult, I realised that I probably did so because in my orphanage they used to sing all the time, and after knowing this I found some fragments of that immense and unknown puzzle that is my life.”

(VF) – Three adjectives that describe the woman you have become.

(PB) – My name has a meaning, which I think very much reflects my personality. Priya means Dear and Sweet, I would add Stubborn, Solar, Energetic.



Alessandra Pellegrino, journalist, portrayed on Murano Glass by Daniela Poletti (Vetrofuso)

“I dreamed of becoming a writer, today I am a journalist” – Alessandra recounts. “I do what I’ve always wanted to: I write (about fashion, design, travel, beauty lifestyle). I tune sentences and words into a melody. I turn them into stories that travel on social media, the web, arrive in print. Passionate about wellness, I live in search of balance (alternating between yoga and high heels). Now: digital deputy editor in chief of AD Italia and CNTraveller ITalia’.

(VF) – Which season best represents your essence and why?
(AP) – Spring: it is light and strength, it is the season of rebirth and I love to be reborn and rediscover myself different every day.




Natasha Slater, fashion PR, portrayed on Murano glass by Daniela Poletti of Vetrofuso

Natasha is a well-known fashion PR, entrepreneur, career mum and founder of @thedinnerconversations, a membership & lifestyle community of female empowerment, connecting and inspiring women globally.

She is an ambassador for the “Telefono Rosa” – ‘End Violence Against Women’. She is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, inclusivity and human diversity.

(VF) – Which season best represents your essence and why?
(NS) – Autumn because it’s the season I was born in. I see myself in it a lot because it is a season of change and renewal, and I am constantly renewing myself.



Constanza Cavallietro, Latin American communication agent, portrayed on Vetro di Murano by Daniela Poletti, handicraft made in Italy

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1991 Constanza moved with her family to Mexico City, where she hosted a TV show and founded CavalliCommunicacion, the most important communication agency in Latin America. She was one of the founders and fashion director of Fashion Week Mexico. In 2006, she married Kean Etro and moved to Milan. In 2014 Constanza created the first edition of the Fashion Film Festival Milano, where she combines her love for fashion and cinema and her strong will to promote young talents within an inclusive, democratic and top-quality reality where the ‘Big helps the Small’ by involving the most prestigious international names in the world of fashion, cinema and art. Her photograph was put in the book ‘Circle of Love’ by Sheikha Intisar Al-Sabah of Kuwait, as one of the women who are changing fashion and the cultural scene worldwide.

(VF) – Three adjectives that describe the woman you have become.

(CC) – Heart, empathy, caring for others. Deep sensitivity and courage, resilience and will to live!”




Marianna Palella for Donne Fiorite, portrait on Murano glass by craftswoman Daniela Poletti, Vetrofuso

Marianna Palella is the founder and CEO of @citruslortoitaliano, a young and dynamic fast-growing company committed to the valorisation and rediscovery of citrus fruits and other local fruit and vegetables. Marianna is originally from Sicily, Acireale, and graduated in Public Relations Business Communication at IULM in Milan. Together with her mother Paola, she founded Citrus l’Orto Italiano during his studies. Marianna Palella, 28, is bringing innovation and freshness to the fruit and vegetable sector with activities aimed at enhancing and rediscovering Italian fruit and vegetables. Marianna has also always been strongly committed to various associations supporting female leadership and the empowerment of young women.

(VF) – Which season best represents your essence and why?
(MP) – Definitely spring, light and constantly on the verge of blossoming. New every time and surprisingly able to fall in love with each of my developments.