Tubo Lamps, custom-made lighting by Vetrofuso


As part of the renovation of a beautiful villa in the Cesena hills, we were approached by the architectural designer, with the idea of constructing huge glass tubes (2 metres long) to light a room with an 8-metre ceiling.

The lamps were to be the focal point of the hall.

The implementation was complex, as it involved not just us but other craftsman as well: an electrian and a blacksmith, previously involved in other our works, designed the metal cage supporting the heavy glass slabs. In the end the result was a success, and the customer’s satisfaction really repaid the hard work!

Made-in-Italy craftsmanship in Murano glass. Tube Lamps by Daniela Poletti Vetrofuso

Custom-made handmade Murano glass lamps. Made in Italy handcrafted glassware